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The Actimind team has worked on extensions for a number of different MS Office application, but our biggest strength are plugins for the Outlook email client.

Our biggest project in that area involved a plugin designed for fast and secure handling of large email attachments. Users are provided a secure environment which allows them to send, receive, as well as store, access and manage file attachments. A number of authentication methods help prevent unauthorized access to the files and guarantee data integrity.

Challenges we faced

  • Apply security policy defined on the server to all documents sent through MS Outlook.
  • Wrap the email body with the template defined on the server while keeping the original information contained in the email unchanged.
  • Extract the attachments from the emails and deliver them to the server through a separate secured channel.
  • Process network connectivity errors to guarantee the delivery of the information sent to the cloud.
  • A separate application launched from the Outlook toolbar for browsing through the file system directly to the cloud.
  • A special function that allows saving archived emails to a custom storage.
  • The SSO function for MS SharePoint integration.
  • The installer that supports both interactive and "silent" installations with all required parameters taken from a central storage.

Results we delivered

  • Plug-ins and add-ons for different office systems
  • Seamless integration with the standard MS Outlook interface
  • High quality standards and stable performance
  • Data security and reliable protection from unauthorized access

Areas of application

Content delivery, business management, data security

Technologies Used

Office 365 API, Office 365 Connectors, MS Outlook MAPI,
.NET 2.0, COM, .NET Remoting, Spring Framework, SOAP Web Services and RESTful APIs, MS Office PIA, Redemption, WinForms


Improved document flow process, quick file management, security and integrity of sensitive data sent via mail clients

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