User Experience Design

Software Development, Cloud Applications, Mobile Apps

It’s hard to overestimate how critical good UI design is for the success of a software product. You may have a million-dollar idea, perfect code and a genius marketing plan, but if your users don’t like how it looks, feels, and works and have hard time understanding your software - you lost them.

This is where Actimind steps in. Be it a web-based, a desktop or a mobile application, our dedicated team of SA and UI design professionals will help you build the most cost-efficient and user-friendly solution.


What we offer

  • UI/UX Redesign & Modernization
  • Full-Scale Product Design
  • Elaboration of UI/UX Design Concepts
  • and other UI/UX related services

Whether you're just starting out on a new project or just want to refresh the design of an existing product – we are ready to jump in and deliver top-quality design with the best user experience.


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