Data Science Apllications

Industry: Healthcare Systems, Clinical Trials

Manual collection and processing of large amounts of data is long and inefficient, and that's why data science is absolutely invaluable. It allows us to automate the entire process, so instead of spending days on manually combing through the necessary information from multiples sources, we can deploy an automated system that offers quick and relevant results with little to no effort.

In many business areas, work efficiency depends entirely on the efficiency of data processing, and that's where data science can be a huge help.

Data science applications developed at Actimind are capable of collecting, processing, and output of large amounts of complex information in a convenient and easy to read way.

Challenges we faced

  • Collection and storage of big data
  • Efficient processing
  • Meaningful structuring
  • Convenient representation
  • Quick and relevant search through the data

Results we delivered

  • Robust data storage solutions
  • Disambiguation of collected data
  • Machine learning solutions for classification and structuring
  • Real-time free search through the resulting data
  • User-friendly design of interfaces
  • Convenient data representation in charts and lists with ranking

Big Data

Hadoop (HDFS), Spark (SparkCORE, SparkSQL, SparkML)

Data Science

Information Retrieval, Classification, Regression, Clustering, Feature Engineering

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