Plug-ins Development for Web Browsers

Browser Add-ons, Cloud-Based Software and Service

Browser plugins and add-ons developed at Actimind focused primarily on optimizing online search and data collection, features useful both in business and everyday use.

Our plugins support all popular web browsers, keep their interface clean and uncluttered, and integrate seamlessly with other tools, while offering stable performance, enhanced data security and great looking user-friendly interface.

One of our most recent projects is a web browser plugin companion to one of the most popular note-taking applications on the market.

Challenges we faced

  • Rich user interface.
  • Conversion of page styles from external CSS style sheets to inline styles to display a page without external style sheets.
  • Support of all recent versions of popular browsers.
  • Quick turnaround time to deliver versions.

Results we delivered

Actimind delivered stable, multiplatform software with all required features:

  • Integration into toolbar, menu and context menu of the browser.
  • Stable performance without conflicts with other plugins.
  • Search in notes taken by user while searching in the popular search engines.
  • Support of the background data uploads to the server.
  • Secure storage of user credentials.

Areas of application

Integration of other tools' functionality into web browsers, improving online search, cross-plattform tools for data search and saving

Technologies Used

JavaScript, XUL, XPCOM, SQLLite, C++, Win API


Improved quality, usability and performance of browser functionality increases popularity of integrated services and increases number of active users

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