Areas of Our Expertise

Web Crawling for
Business Intelligence

Tools for automated collection of big amounts of data from online resources. Smart technology for data search and decision making.


Cross-platform applications accessible from all browsers and devices, developed with ease of use and stable performance in mind.

Web Browser

Add-on applications for web browsers, delivered as standalone tools or as complementary solutions for bigger software products.

Ms Office

Plug-ins and customization for MS Office products, providing secure data transfer solutions with integration and friendly UI.

Data Science

Tools for processing, sorting and convenient output of big data that help avoid long searches through large amounts of information.

User interface

Design of attractive UI for applications, assistance with redesign and finding the most cost-efficient application of new ideas.


Technical Skills

Our services offer a perfect balance of quality and cost efficiency.

  • Web technologies:
    Java SE / J2EE / ASP. NET / Python / PHP / Javascript / jQuery / Web Services / RESTful services / Struts / Django / Ruby
  • Rich GUI client technologies:
    C#/.NET of all versions / C++ Win32 / COM / DCOM /.NET Remoting / WPF / WCF / Delphi
  • Microsoft Office platform:
    C++ /C# / Managed and unmanaged COM add-ons / shims / VSTO / VBA
  • Database Platforms:
    Oracle / MS SQL / MySQL, etc.
  • Application Libraries and Frameworks:
    Spring / NSpring / AspectJ / Hibernate / Microsoft Software Factories / Log4*
  • Other technologies:
    XML / XSLT
  • Mobile technologies:
    iOS, Android
  • Operating Systems:
    all Windows and Linux, Solaris, BSD

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