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actiTIME Mobile Timesheet for iPhone
This is an internal project of Actimind. We developed a free mobile app for actiTIME users to let them enter their timesheet data on the go.
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Technologies Used
Objective-c, Cocoa, Core Text, Core Graphics, Quartz Core, SQLite, JSON

Project Summary

We developed a free mobile application for actiTIME time tracking software. It integrates with corporate actiTIME account and displays timesheet data on user's iPhone. The app allows working offline after the first sync.

actiTIME Mobile Timesheet is our internal project for all users of actiTIME time tracking software. It allows record time, add comments and create tasks on-the-go and then seamlessly sync entered data with the corporate timesheet.

App Requirements:

  • iOS 7.0+
  • actiTIME v3.1 installed on PC or hosted
  • User account within actiTIME installation
  • Internet connection

App Features:

  • Timer

    You can start tracking time by pressing "Start" button in your mobile application. The timer is working even if you switch to another application or turn the phone off.

  • Enter Time & Comments

    With actiTIME Mobile app for iPhone you can enter your time the same way you do it in actiTIME. You can also add comments to each time entry and submit leave time.

  • Select from the list of recent tasks

    Mobile application keeps a list of tasks that you've recently worked on. You can speed up your time tracking process by filling in the day with tasks from this list.

  • Create tasks directly on iPhone

    You can create tasks and associate them with Customer/Project they will belong to.

  • Sync your time & comments to actiTIME

    All data collected or modified on your iPhone can be then synced with actiTIME over WiFi or 3G connection. During synchronization your iPhone app receives your updated timesheet together with a list of tasks you are working on.

  • Work Offline & Sync Data Later

    With actiTIME Mobile app you can work offline as long as you need. Internet connection is required only for synchronizing data with actiTIME server. Please your data will appear in actiTIME only after you sync it.

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