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Products Overview

Actimind offers a number of products that appeared on market as a result of company's research projects and its experience in custom application development.

In 2004 as a result of R&D achievements Actimind launched the development of its first freeware product – a platform for automation of web-application testing process. Our product named actiWATE is a java based software platform for testing automation.

Later in 2008 Actimind starts selling actiTIME – a business application for managing time expenses. This application represents Actimind experience in the web-based software development.

Having had prior experience in developing sotware as a service, in 2014 Actimind launches a new product called actiPLANS designes entirely for leave time management that can be used by companies of any size.

Our production policy implies that we evolve the products on the base of users' feedback, and include the most frequently requested features into the next releases.