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Basic Facts

Actimind, Inc. is an international software company with a representative office in Toronto, Canada and a development center in St. Petersburg, Russia. Actimind provides a cutting edge software development service for more than 15 years, and has projects running for more than 5 years in its portfolio.

The history of Actimind establishment has a number of turning points that influenced its business concept and market position:

2000 -


Actimind, Inc. was founded by a group of IT professionals, whose business history begins in 1993 - the earliest days of the Internet software development. Their experience was transferred to the company's strategic principles and became the main advantage in a very competitive software development market.

Six months after its foundation Actimind, Inc. delighted its seed investors by reaching the break-even point and gaining a good portfolio of projects in financial, law and medical industries.

2002 -

Developing the Strategy

In 2002 Actimind started working mostly on long-term projects in the field of multi-tiered and distributed web-based applications.

To succeed in the fast-pacing market environment Actimind made a primary focus on gaining three competitive advantages:

  • cost-effective development methodology
  • efficient communications with clients
  • high-quality programming

2004 -

Opening the R&D Department

In 2004 Actimind opened R&D department that plunges in research on usability and security of web-based software, bringing the company a leading expertise in these fields.

As a result of R&D achievements Actimind launched the development of its first freeware product - a platform for automation of web-application testing process.

2008 -

Launching actiTIME Sales

In addition to its primary business - custom software development, Actimind started selling actiTIME, a business application for managing time expenses. This application represents Actimind experience in the web-based software development. actiTIME was very welcomed by its clients, and currently it is used in more than 9000 offices in 74 countries.

2011 -

Reshaping the Market Offer

Actimind accumulated significant experience in many business domains and reshaped its market offer focusing on software plug-ins, mobile applications, web crawling and data extraction technologies.

2014 -

Releasing actiPLANS

actiTIME success encouraged Actimind to develop a new product – actiPLANS, a software for planning and managing corporate leave schedules, and it’s just the beginning. In the nearest future actiPLANS will to be a powerful planning tool providing detailed information on staff workload and helping to control project estimates, budgets and milestones.