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Areas of Expertise

Actimind focuses its software development expertise on the following areas:

  • Web application development, including cloud-based applications
  • Plug-ins development for MS Office and different Web browsers
  • Business intelligence web-crawling and data extraction technologies
  • Development of iOS and Android applications for mobile devices

Business Domains

Within ten years experience in providing professional services Actimind has completed dozens of projects for various businesses:

Application Service Providers - cloud based applications and software for mobile devices
IT services - QA automation and software development tools
Telecom Equipment - embedded software and device management utilities
Financial services - online currency trading and brokerage software
Healthcare - remote diagnostic and monitoring software
Human Resources - employee development and training systems
Law firms - CRM, business intelligence and data research applications
Pharmaceutical - online pharmacy, drugs-trial data analysis software
Recruiting firms - integrated solutions for online recruiting and staffing
Retail & Consumer Services - front-end and back-end business process automation

Technologies and Programming skills

The technical competence of Actimind professionals comprises various programming languages. In fact, Actimind is not limited in programming skills and can choose the most suitable and reliable technology required for a particular project implementation.

  • Web technologies:

    Java SE, J2EE, ASP. NET, Python, PHP, Javascript, jQuery, Web Services, RESTful services, Struts, Django

  • Rich GUI client technologies:

    C#, .NET of all versions, C++ Win32, COM, DCOM, .NET Remoting, WPF, WCF

  • Microsoft Office platform:

    C++, C#, Managed and unmanaged COM add-ons, shims, VSTO, VBA

  • Databases:

    Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL

  • Application Libraries and Frameworks:

    Spring, NSpring, AspectJ, Hibernate, Microsoft Software Factories, Log4*

  • Mobile technologies:

    iOS, Android

  • Operating Systems:

    all Windows and Linux, Solaris, BSD

  • Other technologies: